Silicon Roundabout

We were working together in a startup near Old Street roundabout before all the glass towers started popping up. Silicon Roundabout as it’s sometimes called was between us and the nearest cash machine. A must if you wanted to grab lunch from one of the few markets that only took cash. Everything from noodles to pie and mash were available to takeaway daily. Waitrose was around the corner for the keto practitioners, and most everyone would pack up and talk their way over together each day.

Silicon roundabout or thereabouts

We’d built a system to ingest the thousands of megabytes of XML that were coming our way daily. An SFTP feed provided by a larger corporate partner that expired daily and contained a file for broadly related data types. The system consisted of a number of interconnected services.


We had SLAs we were confident we could meet and big customers lined up. We needed a degree of fault tolerance, and had dreams of grandiose user-facing features. We had an architecture that would handle some known failure states adequately, that was reasonably LowOps, and could scale pretty well in all but one key area.